How Dozens Of Agencies Are Saving 16 Hours A Week And Adding $120k To Their Bottom Line In 90 Days Or Less

How Dozens Of Agencies Are
Saving 16 Hours A Week And Adding $120k
To Their Bottom Line In 90 Days Or Less

Some Of Our Clients

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Just Like This Digital Agency

ConvertOnCommand.Pro | Zach Schuenke

Freed Up 16 Hours A Week & Added $160k A Month
To Their Bottom Line!

“If You’re Going To Trust Someone, Trust Mr. Jeremy! This Is The Easiest Way To Go From Being Self-employed To An Actual Business Owner

ConvertOnCommand builds high ticket done for you funnels for their clients. Before DeskTeam360 they were building all of their clients funnels themselves.


They tried outsourcing but they dealt with all of the same excuses and issues most people deal with. Also they never found someone that would take the reins and just create.


The people always had so many questions and back and forth that working with them took up the time they were looking to save in the first place.


When they joined DeskTeam360 three years ago they found that their team would take the reins and just create really awesome work saving them even more time.”

They found that DeskTeam360 was able to take 8 hours of production time off of their plates per funnel. They went from being able to only do 2 funnels a week, to 4 funnels at $20k a pop and still have the bandwidth to bring on more clients, and they just recently doubled their ad spend.

They feel like they have a team they can trust and feel confident that they can grow and still keep their high paying clients happy.

They feel so good now that their funnels look like $20k funnels with DeskTeam360 creating all of their graphics, landing pages, and emails.


We help them by having the best of the best in the industry working for us.
They can give us limited instruction on what they need for creatives and funnel esthetics.


This way they can focus on the market research, copy-writing, and media buying so DeskTeam360 can do the rest and free up so much time that they can focus on their own marketing efforts to be able to bring on even more clients.

If You’re An Entrepreneur That…

It’s True You Can Save 2-4 Hours A Day Immediately While Adding $120k To Your Bottom Line In 90 Days Or Less Using Outsourced Team Members To Take The Work Off Of Your Shoulders.

Now before you say that it
won’t work for you because
you’ve tried outsourcing before
and it didn’t work out

Rest assured I have
a process that works!

I’ve spent 9 years and $683,000. I spend about $4k every 2 weeks outsourcing and I’ve not only perfected, but I’ve created a process that lifts the entire burden off of you.

My Night Shift Team

See Building Highly Efficient Teams Has Been My Speciality For over 15 years…

HiI’m Jeremy Kenerson and because I took a bottom performing sales team to #1 in just 2 months and held that #1 status for 2 years straight I was recruited to run the sales team at Infusionsoft back in 2009.

My Sales Team At The Apollo Group 2007

My Sales Team At Infusionsoft 2009

I started my own agency back in 2013 and we serviced over 2,000 clients.

We grew to $900k but we still almost went out of business with the high overhead of in-house employees in our office. 

I was in a vicious cycle of needing to hire people in order to take on more clients. After I got more clients I needed even more clients to make payroll. I was on the same old feast or famine roller-coaster that you were on at one point or maybe you’re still on right now.


As we grew in revenue I was bringing home less money each month.


In order to make payroll, I’d have to wait weeks to pay myself.


My phone was shut off multiple times, as well as the electricity in my house.

I ended up having to short sell my home in 2015, just four months after my 5th child was born.

I felt like giving up and going to get a “real job.”

But that’s also about the time when I discovered the wonderful world of outsourcing.

I’m not going to sit here and say outsourcing was easy. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome. But I can tell you when you do… it’s game over.


Once I figured out how to hire, and manage outsourced team members I had the best, most loyal, hard-working, dedicated, no drama, no complaining employees I’ve ever had.


The best part is that it cost a fraction of what I was paying my in-house team.


I was immediately profitable!

Here’s What You Need In Order To Have The Time To
Grow Your Revenue Without Breaking The Bank!

Step #1: Hire A Developer


Hire an employee or contractor.

You end up spending too much money on employees, or too much time wasted waiting for a contractor to get all of their other clients work done before getting to your projects.


Hire an overseas outsourced developer.

You’ll get a better quality employee at a fraction of the cost and they’ll work on your projects right away with 100% focus.

The reason I say hire this person first, is because they will take the most frustrating and time consuming tasks off your plate.


All of the tech stuff that seems easy enough until it becomes
a rabbit hole, and ends up taking hours to figure out a way to make it work.


This person will handle all of your website, funnels, integrations,
, and really any technical software you use.


Working with them is as easy as how I communicate with my team in the example below!


You’re Probably Wondering...

You can use Fiver, Upwork, or outsourcing specific websites.
About $600-800/month
First you want to test them during the interview process and compare them with other candidates. You’re looking for how well, how fast, and with little to no instructions, can they accomplish the task,and determine who will be the best employee for you. Don’t forget to consider personality. You will be working with the person and you want to make sure you gel with them.
You can use time tracking softwares that takes screenshots of their computer throughout the day. I don’t spend a lot of time looking through these unless I notice things are taking longer. Then I can see if they are working on my task or you’ll recognize things that you didn’t give them. Or you’ll notice huge gaps of time that they weren’t working. Now they are remote workers so give them the benefit of the doubt. Like if they had to go to a doctor’s appointment I’ll notice them not working but I should see them make that time up later in the day.

Step #2: Hire A Graphic Designer


Ask your network for reference or use a job posting website to hire either in house, a contractor, or an outsourced team member.

This of course still cuts into your profits, and your sanity spending 20+ hours going through the whole hiring process and managing the person and all of their emotions.


Use an Unlimited Graphic Design Agency.

This way you won’t have to go through the hiring process, time off, firing, and having to start that process over again. You’ll also have multiple graphic designers for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own.

The reason I say to hire a graphic designer next is because even though you might love creating graphics, or you’re a perfectionist and want them done perfectly the way you want them every time, your time is better spent on other revenue producing tasks or tasks that require your genius.

Now a new and more affordable way is to use an unlimited outsource graphic design service like design pickle.

With one of those services you’ll have multiple graphic designers at a fraction of the cost.

You’re Probably Wondering...

The best way is to do loom videos showing examples of graphics or images that you like and clearly tell them what you want. Make sure to include with the loom video link any content that you want used in the graphic so they can copy and paste. Remember english is their second language so you don’t want them to listen to a video and you expect them to type the content out correctly.

One good thing about the Philippines is that there are a lot of people who speak really good english. However if you get stuck you can always use google translate to get past some rough patches. Or you do what I do, and hire someone to do that for you. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do that right off the bat, you will get there by being able to spend your time on revenue producing tasks once you start outsourcing.

In the beginning you want to start by giving them a lot of your current designs and examples of other people’s designs that you admire. Once this is done you two can create a branding board of your brand colors and fonts so everything can stay consistent. Now you probably don’t want all your graphics to use the branding board, so when you want a unique design you can let them know to use their creative brain to create something awesome.

Step #3: Hire A Manager


You’d put a job post to hire a project manager on craigslist or indeed.

Of course this costs way too much money.


Hire an overseas Virtual Assistant online.

Have someone dedicated to your business and projects at a fraction of the cost.

The reason that I say to hire this person next is because this person can meet with you and help bounce ideas and really prioritize everything you need to get done.

They can also assign out the projects to the team, manage their completion, and look over and go through any revisions before they get to you.

You can see I’m scheduled to meet with my manager every morning 👇

Another thing they can do is handle all of the little things you need to get done so that you don’t have to stop your developers progress when they can do some of the quick small things.


Especially the ones that come up throughout the day.

You’re Probably Wondering...

Yes they can, usually people’s pay is based on their experience so it is very hard to find a cheaper employee to be able to do this. But at $800/month you should be able to find someone pretty easily.

Yes, like I said earlier a lot of people in the Philippines have been learning English all their lives, and for some it’s even hard to tell that they’re from the Philippines.
They can take off a ton, I have one do my quickbooks for me, follow up with prospects and clients, and later on in the training I’ll go over a whole list to help give you ideas.

Yes they can, a lot of them are used to working during our time zone which is literally them working at their night time.

Start with whichever way works best for you. For the developers and graphic designers I like them working my night time, Because at the end of the day after getting all my important work done, I can submit what I want to them and then like magic I wake up in the morning and it’s all done. It’s almost like I cloned myself and I’m working close to 24hours a day.

Just Like This Digital Agency

Duct Tape Marketing | Sara Nay

Getting Better Quality & Faster Turnaround
At A Lower Cost Than Our Previous Provider.

“Absolutely Get Off The Fence And Do It!”

“We are your traditional marketing agency where we work with small business clients. In terms of coaching and consulting, we have a consultant network. There’s about 150 marketing consultants and agency owners that are certified in our process, our system methodology, and they get to go out and work with small to medium sized businesses


We first found DeskTeam360 through a Google search. We were working with another unlimited service company like DeskTeam360 for two years and started to be unhappy with the results so we started exploring different options.


What changed the most when we started working with DeskTeam360 is that you were delivering better quality faster and we’re more profitable.


I spoke to you and I think three other companies and you won us over. I will say the price point is one of the things that I liked because obviously your examples of your work and then you had that price point. And I’m like, if I can get that quality for that price point, I’m definitely interested.


We’ve been using DeskTeam360 for five or six months so far.

“I think the design element of it, you all do really well. But oftentimes with our previous company that we’ve worked with, the Mark was still kind of missed on the first draft design, and we’d have to go through a few revisions to finally get there. And it holds up the whole project where, like I said, for you all, I feel like you take in the information we share, you pay attention to details, and we get very close to a final draft of a design in our first or second revision, which is huge.


I think that it is really important that’s one of the biggest benefits of working with DeskTeam360 on your model with the unlimited revisions is we know we can get it right with a client where they’re 100% thrilled.


To anyone reading this and your thinking about using DeskTeam360, I would say absolutely get off the fence and do it like we’ve talked about so far there’s been a huge value that we’re experiencing in terms of our business and our marketing, but also what we’re able to provide our clients as well.


Any time you can find a partner that helps you both in your company, your agency, your consultancy, whatever your structure is, and then also get better results for your clients, I actually think it’s worth exploring.”

Having That Extra Time Allowed Me To
Grow My Business To Almost $1 Million

When I was able to offload all of the production work, I was able to focus on getting more users on our platform.

Then I was able to hire an account manager who removed me from the day to day.


Then I had the time to really focus on writing and testing content for my own marketing funnels to grow the business to almost $1million.

Outsourced Overseas Developer, Graphic Designer, And Manager Can Add 2 Weeks Worth Of Time Back Into Your Calendar And Grow Your Business Without Spending $2-14k A Month In Payroll Expenses.

Now You have a few options


You can hire your own team yourself.

Now this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You can expect to spend on average about 20+ hours finding candidates, reading through profiles and resumes, interviewing, onboarding, and training each individual.


If you bill at $200 an hour, at 20 hour that’s $4,000 that you are spending on hiring that employee.
Not to mention the potential lost revenue from what you could have generated If you
used that 20 hours on generating new business.

Now try this little exercise…


1. Calculate how much time you spend creating a graphic and then multiply that by how many you make a week or  a month. Now see how much time you can save yourself by outsourcing them.

2. Then think about what you could do with that time to bring more customers to your business.



Now that we’re past that little dilemma you can ask your network for references to hire either in house, a contractor, or decide to outsource overseas.


Of course you saw how hiring employees or contractors cuts into your profits, and I’m sure you don’t want that.


You can outsource yourself using Fiverr or Upwork

But after you piecemeal out the tasks or put them on retainer they usually end up costing you $3k month.

Or you can hire all three positions in the Philippines.


You can use an unlimited outsource implementation service…

… like design pickle, but instead of just doing graphics, they do all of the things that those three employees would do. This is where you can tap into an already existing team and get unlimited tasks done each month for one low monthly fee.

This way you don’t have to spend all the time and frustration

If you choose the right company then you don’t have to worry about all the excuses that you get from overseas employees Like…

(Now I don’t want to sound like a monster here, but when you get those same six excuses from everyone – ALL THE TIME. You realize that that is exactly what they are… Excuses)

But with the right company, you also don’t have to worry about their quality of work decreasing or their work taking longer to complete than normal because they’re trying to work for you and someone else at the same time.


Just like hiring anyone in any country though, It takes time to find a great employee. I still stand by my statement that they really are the best employees that I’ve ever had working for me.

It’s just not as easy as people make it out to be.

I’m sure after learning what you need to do, to save so much time each day so you can focus on growing your revenue, you see that option 3 is not just the most affordable option, but it is also the easiest to implement.

You can see we’ve completed over 12k tasks for our clients! 👉

You can see we’ve completed over 12k tasks for our clients!

You can see we’ve completed over 12k tasks for our clients! 👇

You’ve seen I’ve already put in the time and money to work out all the kinks with outsourced employees overseas. We’ve already done all the hard work in finding, interviewing, training, and managing an already established team of professionals.

This way you can bypass the frustration and wasted time of hiring on your own.

Just Like This Publishing Agency

Woman In White Coats | Archana Shrestha

They Off Loaded 20 Hours A Week Worth Of Work,
Which Allowed Her To Grow Her Business!

“It’s almost like magic, I always tell my partner that DeskTeam360 make us look good!

Before joining DeskTeam360, the Women In White Coats co-founders would spend half of their time on tech-related tasks with their website, landing pages, and creating graphics which resulted in them feeling bogged down.


They also felt unsupported and didn’t know how to handle the technical things that came up. This resulted in worrying and caused a lot of mental frustrations because if they couldn’t figure it out, they didn’t have anyone else to ask.


Once they had DeskTeam360 in place, they were confident DeskTeam360 had their backs and could help them with any technical issues that would come up. Knowing that DeskTeam360 could work at their speed, keep up with their ideas, and support the launches and programs they were creating, the Women in White Coats Cofounders felt prepared for their business to explode.


“I just love how easy it is to send DeskTeam360 a project and then it’s almost like magic…
in no time, I get something back.”

And I wouldn’t get just 1 graphic, I’d get 3 or 4 versions and I’d be able to pick the one I liked the best. There’s this process right in the ticket to make some tweaks and they’d get revisions back to me very quickly.


“I just love how easy it is. I love how I didn’t have to build my whole team of graphic designers and be the webmaster and handle any kind of website issues that came up. I didn’t have to hire different people for different things, they are all just centralized in one place with DeskTeam360.


Before, I was like ‘where’s the helpline?’, but there’s no helpline when you own your own website. Well, until DeskTeam360 came into our lives. I was so thankful DeskTeam360 jumped in right away to help us with an emergency when our site was so slow people weren’t able to log on.


Definitely give DeskTeam360 a try!


You’ll be so amazed and happy with them because they will not only take things off of your plate that you probably don’t want to be doing, they’ll help you grow and take things to the next level in a way that is simple and easy. It takes a lot of stress off of you and allows you to stay in your zone of genius.”

The best part is that it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team in the Philippines

So just to be clear this is for… 

Digital Agencies...

…That have 5 or more clients who are looking to save 16 hours or more a week and add $120k a year to their bottom line in 90 days or less.


Can You Imagine Being Able To Actually Work On Growing Your Business…

…and allowing a team to do 50% of your work. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and busy, you’d have the time to spend on sales and marketing for your business. Imagine being able to test marketing to get a predictable flow of leads so you can grow and scale your business.

Can you imagine growing to the point you can take vacations. But instead of thinking the whole time that your business will burn to the ground because you’re not there, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and be present in the moment with your family or friends, feeling confident knowing that all your work will be taken care of?

What You’re Getting VS Cost Of Doing Yourself

DeskTeam360 POD - Value: $2,200/month

Day & Night Shift - Value: $2,200/month

Office In Indonesia - Value: $3,000/a year

Office Manager - Value: $2,000/month

New Fast Computers - Value: $3,200

WorkStations - Value: $1,250

3 Internet Providers - Value: $150/month

You also get a U.S. based Account Manager - Value: $4,000/month

Deskteam360 - Value: $10,550/month + $7,450 Upfront


You’re “NOT” going to have to PAY anything close to that. 


In fact the cost is about the same as if you were going to hire just one individual team member, and here you get a whole POD and everything else to ensure you have the best experience ever working and growing with DeskTeam360.


Now due to the amount of intensive training that these virtual employees have to go through.
We can only place 10 new clients right now.


Not only can we only bring on 10 clients at this time, but for a Limited Time ONLY we’re giving away an incredible bonus that costs $300/month that’s $3,600 a year value.

The Bonus is
access to my inner circle 3 Weekly Group Zoom Calls.

You’ll be a part of a network of like-minded individuals focusing on developing our…

So you don’t have to do this entrepreneur thing alone.


When you’re sitting at your computer just staring at the screen stuck on a project you can get help or feedback on what you’re working on.


You’ll feel like you have the support of other entrepreneurs dealing with and going through the exact same things you are.


Because there’s nothing better than being able to reach out to amazing people that are more than willing to help you get unstuck so that you can keep moving forward no matter what the day throws at you.


My Inner Circle group costs $300 a month. But you get it for

FREE for as long as you’re a DeskTeam360 member.

Bonus 2

You also get a 1 on 1 consultation call. So that we can get to know how you like to work, your brand, your company, and teach you how you can use DeskTeam360 effectively and efficiently.


By understanding your goals and teaching you the best way to communicate, so your expectations will be exceeded!

When you first turn on your computer in the morning, you can see all the work that was done that would have kept you up late at night working again.


You’ll feel a huge sense of relief that all the time consuming tasks are being done for you.

Because having a trusted team gives you the time and confidence you need to be able to work with more clients or have that extra time to spend with the family.


We also will see if we’re a good fit for each other, Because we don’t bring on every person that wants to work with us. We are very selective to work with people that are cool and will respect their outsourced team members.


This consultation call alone by itself is valued at $500 Because our consultations provide so much value that if need be you can outsource like a champ by yourself.


It Gets Even Better

As if that wasn’t enough, when you sign up on your discovery call I’m going to do something else absolutely insane for you.

If you’re not head over heels thrilled with how we’re saving you time, money, and delivering excellence on your projects.

We are giving you a 60 day 100% money back Guarantee In writing, so that you can try us out risk free.

Once again guys this is crazy, we’re going to give you back up to 4 hours of your time each day allowing you to add $120k to your bottom line in 90 days or less.

We’re going to do it by using Our US Based Account Manager so that you always have someone without a language barrier to help you and your team become the most efficient team in the world.

This role would cost you $4,000/month, If you hired that role on your own.

Again you’re going to get your POD with your Graphic Designer, Your Developer, and Your VA working together to take 50% of what you do each day off your plate, so that you can focus on your marketing message, and closing deals.

These 3 roles would cost $2,200/month if you hired them separately in the Philippines.

Here’s the value of all of that together.

That each person in your POD’s and a US Based Account Manager and access to my Inner Circle and all these aspects of having an office would cost $10,850/month and $7,450 upfront.


We’re also going to give you…


My Innercircle 3 weekly zoom calls, which costs $300/m that’s a $3,600/y value.


Now the bonus alone is almost worth the cost of the service.


Deskteam360 - TOTAL Value: $10,850/month + $7,450 Upfront

As if that’s not a good enough deal for you right now,

If you’re not happy with how we’re saving you time, money, and completing your tasks with excellence, we’re giving you a 60 day 100% money back Guarantee

So you can try us out risk free.

Just click the “Book A Discovery Call” Button Below

Our Customers Love Us

We Think You Will Too 🙂

Dr. Lori C. Ebert
Dr. Lori C. Ebert@dr-lori
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Finally, a one-stop shop! If you want to save time, money, and get excellent customer service – you hit the lottery! For years my business was duct taped behind the scenes and so cumbersome that it stopped me from growing. I’ve invested in DIY programs, communities and business coaches, but none were a total solution. Some saved time but cost money, others saved money but cost in time. Something was always missing – until now. DeskTeam360 has saved me countless hours and dollars hiring, firing or trying to do it myself.
Jeff Quintin
Jeff Quintin@jeff-quintin
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We have developed a great partnership with Jeremy and his team at DeskTeam360. They are an important integral part of our business each day. They are dedicated, reliable, and very consistent. DeskTeam360 does it all and is a one-stop shop for all your projects and marketing. I love not having the aggravation of trying to hire VA’s and manage their work. The time I’m saving is so important to me being able to continually build my team. These guys are the best!
Sam N Krys Davis
Sam N Krys Davis@samandkrys
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DeskTeam 360 has been a pleasure to work with as I build and diversify my company. Great communication, great service and I appreciate that they value my business
Kim Lipe
Kim Lipe@Kimlipe
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This company is the BEST! So creative and so reliable! I have been thrilled with everything! Thank you!!
Luke Dalien
Luke Dalien@luke.dalien
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....became quite challenging in order to ensure all the stuff done behind the scene... I found DeskTeam360, and realized early on all the amazing things that they can off from my shoulder...

Luke Dalien

Special Ed Resource

Heath Wilcock

Fold Soup Copy

Renee Beth Poindexter

Living The Potential


Just east of Bali in Indonesia. One of my employees back in the day just came home from a Mormon mission in Indonesia. When I needed help he told me to hire his friend who was going to school for Computer Science. He was amazing and we ended up partnering to open our office there.

We have a day shift and a night shift so we are working 18 hours a day, meaning you get access to not just one POD but two.

You can send us as many tickets at a time. You can even prioritize them so we know which ones to work on first. Your POD will work on one task and when they finish that task they will start another one until their shift is over.

Some graphics are super simple and can be done in as fast as an hour from submission, others can take three hours, some slide desks and eBooks can take a day or two depending on how much content there is. Other technical tasks can be fast and others like a full funnel build can take a day or two. I’ve seen some complex onces take as long as a week.

Our office has back up generators and each computer has a backup power source so if the power does go out, then their computers do not shut down and lose all their work. I learned this the hard way. We’ve only had one issue with this and it was more that the office was flooded from rain due to poor neighborhood planning, but the flood washed away the block wall that caused the flood so that won’t happen again. A fluke accident that no one saw coming because the office is literally on a hill.

Our office uses three different internet providers just in case one or two go down, at least one will still be working. We haven’t had any issues with this since we got our office in 2018.

Since we have our office we have shift managers that ensure our employees are only working for us. Plus we have a really good culture over there, and everyone is bought into the dream of helping 1,000 business owners scale their business. We have company pride t-shirts that everyone loves wearing, we are a legit business in Indonesia and pay corporate income tax there, everyone has medical, dental, and eye insurance as well. We work towards transforming Indonesian society by bringing more well paid technical jobs. We also hold English classes for our employees and the community.

You can mark your task as urgent and we will get on that task for you next.

In your POD you have a real developer that can handle anything Web or Funnel related that you give to us. You also have a highly rated graphic designer that will get used to your style and brand. You also have a VA that can handle any menial task, if the task is too complex then our floor manager will have the developer help them with any complex technical tasks that are assigned to them. You also have your account manager who can act as the go-between if something is hard to explain or we’re not understanding or there’s an issue with the language barrier. They are there to help you figure out how you can offload as many tasks as you can or haven’t thought of yet. Your POD members learn your style and how you want things done they’ll be able to complete your projects even faster. They’re real members of your team and when you have a team firing on all cylinders nothing is impossible. Another thing that will help you get the most out of your POD is how we teach you to submit your requests. Most people have a hard time outsourcing because they don’t use DeskTeam360 Outsource Implementation Method of communication. You won’t leave anything to question and that eliminates almost all the back and forth that you’re probably used to dealing with.

We have a cell phone in the office that you can text message us to let us know about the emergency. An example would be you have a quick revision to get done, before going to print like a flyer or something and you’re about to board a plane to go to an event that you need that flyer for and you’re freaking out, pulling your hair out not thinking you’ll get this done in time. Then you text us and we stop what we’re doing and work on that for you. This is like having a batphone at your disposal. But remember the boy who cried wolf. If everything you do is an emergency we will start to perceive nothing as an emergency for you. We do have other clients and we can alway push them to the back of the line for everything. We have never had an issue with someone abusing this honor system and we don’t think we ever will, but you know, we have to say it.

This has only happened once since 2018 and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The client just didn’t jive with the designs we were doing. I put the client in another POD with a different designer and the client loved the work. So you are not tied to your POD, if you don’t jive that is okay, just let us know and we’ll get you switched until you’re happy.

You’ll Get Tasks Completed Faster As Time Goes On, also when your business is growing and you start submitting more tasks you can upgrade at any time and your new pricing will be prorated to what you already paid that month so that you don’t end up paying more than you should and creating a new billing cycle.

Yes, DeskTeam360 will work for you regardless if …

  • You tried outsourcing before, 
  • If you don’t think you have enough work for them (we will help you identify what you can and should be offloading to us), 
  • Even if your already have a team, we can at least ensure you don’t have to hire again – we’ve even had clients let go of their team to save even more money, 
  • You don’t think you have the funds – one client said they didn’t have the funds but they knew they had to invest or they would never have extra funds by trying to run their business by themselves.
We can do almost anything for you. We even have a client that’ll take a picture of a business card and ask us to enter it into his crm for him. We literally do any type of graphic design, like…
  • Digital
  • Print
  • Websites
  • Web Pages
  • Product Design
  • Offer Stack Graphics
  • Like Cd’s, Dvd’s, Book Covers
  • Blog Post Graphics
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Banners
  • Quote Graphics
  • Icons
  • Basic Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Presentation Slide
  • Decks
  • Direct Mailers
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Lead Magnets
  • Ebooks
  • And Even Characters
We Also Can Do Any Type Of Web Development On Any Platform Or Coding Language. We Do Things Like…
  • Setup Web Pages And Posts
  • Update Web Pages Or Posts
  • Create & Update Landing Pages
  • WordPress Plugin Management
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • Website Security
  • Increase Website Speed
We Also Do Any Type Of Marketing Tasks Like…
  • Setting Up Sales Funnels
  • Setting Up Broadcast Newsletters
  • Setting Up Drip Campaigns
  • Setting Up Email Opt-in Forms
  • Setting Google Analytics
  • Integrating Site & 3rd Party Tools
  • Setting & Troubleshoot Hosting
  • Scheduling Social Media Posts
  • Setting G Suite Emails
  • Clean Up Data
  • Data Entry
  • And Simple Video Edits
  • Create Ads
So That No Matter What You Need Done We’ll Do It For You.

We Do Almost Everything; Except…

  • Write Copy / Content 
  • Do Complex Video Editing (meaning a/b rolls or hollywood style production)
  • Media buying / managing paid ad accounts (we can set up ads in Facebook, Youtube, Google, but we will not manage them like a media buyer would do)
  • Social Media Management (we can post for you but we will not reply to comments or engage with people, unless you request a dedicated VA, price upon request)

Usually because there is too much back and forth with those types of projects before you get a final version that everyone is happy with.   

This way you can rely on us to do the heavy lifting with everything else so that you can focus on what requires your superpower like marketing strategies or writing awesome copy, or creating an amazing customer experience for your clients.

You can continue to use whatever systems you’re currently using. Because we use almost all of them like…

  • WordPress…
  • Shopify…
  • Joomla…
  • Kajabi…
  • Teachable
  • Learn Dash
  • Clickfunnels…
  • Infusionsoft/Keap…
  • Kartra…
  • Ontraport…
  • Unbounce…
  • Leadpages…
  • Active Campaign…
  • Mailchimp…
  • Aweber…
  • Getresponse…
  • Constant Contact…
  • Verticalresponse…
  • Getresults…
  • Drip…
  • GoHighLevel…
  • Hubspot…
  • Calendly…
  • Acuity…
  • Schedule Once…
  • AppointmentCore
  • Zapier…
  • Plusthis…
  • Twilio…
  • Stripe…
  • Square
  • Paypal…
  • Woocommerce…
  • Memberships…
  • And So Many More.

And if you are using a software that we are not familiar with, which is highly unlikely, most systems are so similar that we can easily learn how to use them for you. So you don’t have to switch your systems or softwares to ones that we use.