Do You Want Your Tasks Worked On Over The Weekend?

New DeskTeam360 VIP Beta Group Starting

What's Make it Happent?

Multiple clients have requested that our team work over the weekend because that’s their quiet time to work ON their business.

So after many discussions with the team, we feel like we may be able to accommodate.

However this will disrupt peoples day’s off, how their salaries work with working weekends, and schedules of who’s going to work when, blah, blah, blah, don’t worry about that, that’s my job 😉 

We are offering this to company's

In order to ensure that I can live up to that statement and make this work for you and be able to scale it, I’m putting together a VIP Beta Group. We are offering this to company’s that

Work at the weekend

Would like us to work on their task over the weekend for them

3 task at a time

Are on a 3 Task at a time or higher plan

Beta Group pricing

That want to be grandfathered into the Beta Group pricing

After we work out the kinks then I will launch a VIP version of DeskTeam360 services.

All Beta members will be grandfathered in, but for everyone else I’m anticipating a change to the memberships a bit.

Changes will include the fact that ONLY VIP members will have access to:

Weekend Team

The Weekend Team, so that you can have your tickets worked on 7 days a week, so that you can be even more productive

Account Manager

1:1 Access To Your Account Manager, so that you can continue to meet with your account manager via zoom calls. You’ll be able to continue to be efficient on tickets and projects that are a bit more complex than your normal tickets


Ticket Priority, so that all your ticket’s in queue will have priority over other peoples tickets that are in your POD

Direct SMS

Direct SMS messaging to team for faster revisions, so that you can work faster during your dedicated production time. You won’t have to wait around for us to get to your revisions, you can tell us to stop what we’re doing and work on your revisions ASAP

Weekly Zoom Call

An Additional Weekly Group Zoom Call With Jeremy For VIP Members Only, so you can not only get more help from Jeremy, but you can network with other VIP members and get ideas to make your team work even better for you

New DeskTeam360 VIP Beta Group Starting

You’ll be Grandfathered in at this price as long as you’re on a Pro package that is 3 Tasks at a time or higher.

The purpose of this Beta is to test out how this can work at scale, so for this beta we are only allowing 5 clients into this group.

Once we have our 5 clients this landing page will be deactivated and access to the VIP will only open back up in a few months after the testing is completed and we feel we can scale this without losing quality or revenue.

Then everyone else will have access at the new pricing which I wont know until after the testing and I can calculate the exact cost of having people work over the weekend.

Only Now

For right now only (because you’re helping me test this out) you’ll be grandfathered in for an additional charge of $500/month on top of what you are paying right now.

First Payment Will be Prorated

Your first payment will be prorated base on your last payment date, and then your next month’s payment you’ll see the full $500/month + your normal rate amount.

Click the button below to register for the
VIP Beta Group

access will be first come first serve

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this program.