Do You Want Your Tasks Worked On Over The Weekend?

*New* DeskTeam360 VIP Beta Group Starting

Where's This Coming From?

Multiple clients have requested that our team work over the
weekend to increase their production.

After many discussions with the team we feel we may be able to accommodate.

However; this will disrupt staff days off, how their salaries work with working weekends, and schedules of who’s going to work and when, blah, blah, blah…

But don’t worry about that, that’s our job 😉

Always Improving!

We want to make DeskTeam360 the best
outsourced marketing implementation team on the planet.

In order to make this work for you and be able to scale it,
we're putting together this VIP Beta Group.

Who Is This For?

We are offering this to companies that...

Work on the Weekend

Would like us to work on their tasks over the weekend for them

3 Tasks at a Time

Are on a 3 Tasks at a time or higher DeskTeam360 plan

Beta Group Pricing

That want to be grandfathered into the Beta Group pricing

After we work out the kinks then we will launch a VIP version of DeskTeam360 services.

Future Changes To Our Services

All Beta members will be grandfathered in,
but for everyone else, we're anticipating a change to the memberships a bit.

Changes will include the fact that ONLY VIP members will have access to:

Details For The Beta Group Starting

You’ll be Grandfathered in at this price as long as you’re on a Pro package that is 3 Tasks at a time or higher.

The purpose of this Beta is to test out how this can work and scale, so for this beta we are only accepting 5 clients into this group.

Once 5 clients have registered, this landing page will be deactivated and access to the VIP will only open back up in a few months after the testing is completed and we feel we can scale this without losing quality or revenue.

Then, everyone else will have access at the new pricing which we won’t know until after the testing and we can calculate the exact cost of having people work over the weekend.

We do know that it’ll be considerably more than what we are offering right now.

What's This Going To Cost?

For right now only (because you’re helping us test this out) you’ll be grandfathered in for an additional charge of $500/month on top of what you are paying right now.

Your first payment will be prorated based on your last payment date. Next month’s payment you’ll see the full $500/month + your normal rate amount.

Fill out the FORM below to register for the VIP Beta Group. Access will be on a first come first served basis.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this program.