Ah-Ha Moment Script Form

  • Your Info

  • Questionnaire

  • "__________ are our target audience."
    (Ex: entrepreneurs; home sellers, etc.)
  • "I was a __________."
    (Ex: broke college student athlete, new husband.)
  • "I really wanted to __________."(VERB)
    (Ex: make extra money from potato gun sales; sell my house without an agent, etc.)
  • "So I could __________."(VERB)
    (Ex: start a family; start a new life with my wife, etc.)
  • "At the time, I was trying to __________."(VERB)
    (Ex: make money online; sell my two houses, etc.)
  • "I felt I needed to do this so I wouldn't have to __________."(VERB)
    (Ex: drop out of school; miss out on a great job offer in Florida, etc.)
  • "I REALLY wanted to be able to __________."(VERB)
    (Ex: support my wife so she wouldn't have to work; take a great job in a city we both loved, etc.)
  • "I was struggling with __________."(VERB ending in "ING)
    (Ex: making only a few dollars a day, and many days I actually lost money; finding a buyer for two houses I owned, etc.)
  • "I felt terrible because __________!"
    (Ex: my wife was supporting me; I could miss out on the great job if I couldn't get my houses sold, etc.)
  • "I felt worse because __________!"
    (Ex: I was supposed to be the man in the relationship, but my wife was working two jobs while I was going to school, wrestling, and living out my dreams; I wouldn't be able to give my new family the life I promised them and knew in my heart they deserved, etc.)
  • "I felt like __________!"
    (Ex: a failure as a husband; jumping off a building, etc.)
  • "The problem was that __________!"
    (Ex: Goole had changed their algorithms and increased their ad costs; I got a call that I had to be there in 60 days or they would give the job to someone else, etc.)
  • "Hitting the wall in this case meant __________!"
    (Ex: suddenly my little potato gun website was no longer making any money, so I had to turn it off; if I didn't get those houses sold, I was on the verge of losing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, etc.)
  • "And in this case, hitting the wall actually __________!" (VERB)
    (Ex: killed my only source on income; meant I was on the clock to get those houses sold or see my dreams squashed forever, etc.)
  • "But luckily for me, that's when I __________ and everything changed." (VERB)
    (Ex: ran into a friend who told me a secret; picked up and read a book; saw a video; had a brainstorm, etc.)
  • "From this event I discovered all about __________!" (VERB ending in "ING")
    (Ex: adding upsells to his products; socially engineering a house sale instead of wasting a ton of money on useless ads. etc.)
  • "That's when it became crystal clear to me that the secret was __________"
    (Ex: creating sales funnels; to leverage my family and friends to help me find a buyer, etc.)
  • "It was made clear to me how to __________"
    (Ex: make more money from every customer who came in; get people I knew to refer me to people they knew who might want to buy a house, etc.)
  • "Discovering this how-to secret meant __________"
    (Ex: all his websites started working again in spite of Google's increased coasts; I could find a buyer without paying 6% to a realtor, etc.)
  • "I also learned that __________"
    (Ex: normal website aren't enough anymore to make money online; you can just stick an ad in the paper and expect to sell your house, etc.)
  • "You should stop thinking (from previous question) and you need to __________ instead." (VERB)
    (Ex: create an actual sales funnel; use multiple streams of advertising to get your house sold, etc.)
  • "As a result of this epiphany, I __________." (VERB)
    (Ex: found someone who was selling potato gun kits, and I partnered with them and started selling them as an upsell; contacted everyone I knew and told them I had a house to sell and could offer special financing, etc.)
  • "After I did that, started __________." (VERB ending "ING")
    (Ex: making money again; getting all the leads I could handle, etc.)
  • "Suddenly, I was __________." (VERB ending "ING")
    (Ex: spending about $10 a day in ads and making $50 or $60 back; picking and choosing which buyers to let come see my house (instead of sitting around begging for anyone to come to take a look), etc.)
  • "My plan was to start __________." (VERB ending "ING")
    (Ex: creating sales funnels in the other markets that had better potential to make money than the potato gun market; contacting everyone I knew to ask them to help me advertise my house to their friends, etc.)
  • "So I started __________." (VERB ending "ING")
    (Ex: creating funnels and selling products in the weight loss market; making a list of everyone I knew who lived within a 20-mile radius of mu house, etc.)
  • "We then _______." (VERB) (Ex: created and started selling supplements to people who suffered from diabetic neuropathy; started calling those people and letting them know our house was for sale and that we needed their help, etc.)
  • "After that, we __________." (VERB)
    (Ex: created funnels in the couponing, dating, and parenting markets, and others; sent everyone a physical flyer with a picture of our house and a stats sheet, etc.)
  • "Even after all that, things were still not perfect. Here's what I mean __________." (Take all space as you need.)

    (Example #1: Each new funnel we created took between 6 to 8 weeks to create, on average. We had a team of 8 full-time people including designers, programmers, and copywriters just to get one funnel live. We had to glue together about 13 different products just to create one funnel. On average, our costs to get one funnel live were about $30,000, and then only about 1 out of 10 would actually recoup that money. It took a lot of time and money to find another winning funnel.)

    (Example #2: Every time we wanted to sell a house we had to start over from scratch. Plus, a lot of people either weren't home when we called or it took too long for them to get the flyer we sent them about the property. Plus, asking people individually by phone if they knew someone who wanted to buy a house was very time consuming. So even though it was effective at getting houses sold, it was eating up 10-12 hours a day every time we had a new house to sell.)
  • "We ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to __________. (VERB)
    (Ex: create a platform that would make it really easy for us to create sales funnels; create a course that taught everything we learned about how to sell multiple houses yourself, no matter what the market conditions, etc.)
  • "We chose to call it _________
    (Ex: ClickFunnels, Selling Your Home Alone, etc.)
  • "We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to __________, that would be awesome!" (VERB)
    (Ex: build in 1 day what used to take us 6 to 8 weeks; create a system that made it possible to sell your house in a single weekend, etc.)
  • "So, after __________."
    (Ex: 8 months of programming and every penny I had ever made; 4 months of testing, tweaking and 12 hour days testing every single aspect of what it takes to sell your house without an agent, etc.)
  • "Though it sounds almost too good to be true, I can now __________." (VERB)
    (Ex: build in an hour—by myself, without any tech people—what used to take me and my team of 8 guys 6—8 weeks, and these funnels run faster and converted way higher; sell any house without an agent, no matter what the price, neighborhood or market conditions, easier and faster than hiring a broker and paying their outrageous commissions, etc.)
  • "As a result of all this, we were able to achieve the following: __________." (Take all the space you need.)

    (Example #1: Within just 2 years, over 30,000 people use ClickFunnels to power their entire businesses. In fact, in 2016, we had 71 people who made over a million dollars with a single funnel.)

    (Example #2: Within just the last 36 months we've successfully bought and sold over 20 houses and lots for an average profit margin of 25% after all expenses. We also sold our houses in an average of 12 days where the average time on market with a Realtor in our market is 93 days. Bottom line: we sold faster and for a lot more money than we ever could have by hiring a broker)
  • "As a result of this, I was able to achieve my dream of being able to __________." (VERB)
    (Ex: let my wife become a full-time mom; live in my own waterfront dream home, etc.)
  • "I've also been able to stop __________" (VERB ending in "ING)
    (Ex: spending so much time at work; worrying about how 11m going to get my houses sold, etc.)
  • I can stop that (above) because we can now __________." (VERB)
    (Ex: create things so quickly; get our houses sold so quickly, etc.)
  • "And in the end, all of this means 11m now able to __________"(VERB)
    (Ex: be with my kids, and never miss any of the highlights of their lives; spend time relaxing and doing the things I really enjoy, like spending time with my wife and fishing, etc.)