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Your Website Could Be At Risk!
Avoid Website Malware, Bugs, Viruses, and Hacker Attacks
That Can Cost Thousands $$$ To Fix


Last month one of our clients sites was attacked and not only did her site go down costing her a loss in sales, but it also cost almost $1,000 to fix.

You need to know how you can avoid this from happening to you.

Two years ago we bit the bullet and invested in moving all of our sites over to Amazon’s (AWS) Cloud Server (the best servers on the planet). It has been phenomenal to say the least.

I couldn't have been happier, until about a month ago.

What happened was one of our clients did not keep their site up to date
(now that sounds easier than it is, so no fault to her). 

Most people set up their site and don’t think about it too much. But how often do you hear people say, “wow technology is really awesome, and works so smoothly all the time without any issues?” NEVER, right?

That’s because there are millions of lines of code and that code needs to work with the millions of lines of code with other systems connected to your site, (I’ll explain in a bit).

In the world we live in right now, we don’t have to worry so much about hackers as we do the automated bots or malware they create to sift through millions of sites a day.

Now for the explanation of what happened. A website is written in code, for our platform wordpress, that coding language is PHP.

PHP has their own updates every once in a while. WordPress has their own updates, and anything we use with wordpress like the page builder, the forms, any plugins they each have their own updates.

The reason I said keeping them up to date is not as easy as it sounds is because, some times when you update them, the newer versions do not play well with each other and the site breaks.

However if you go a while without updating, then that creates a back door the malware uses to infiltrate your site.  

That’s why everything updates so often because it prevents the new malwares from entering in through those back doors.

Every malware and virus is different and this particular one recreated itself multiple times every time it was deleted.

This meant we had to go in and look at every file one by one to remove the malware.

This was so time consuming it cost the client and unexpected $700 for us to fix.

The reason I’m telling you this is so that this doesn’t happen to you.


We’ve been working with websites for well over a decade and we’ve seen other companies do this and we’ve done it for clients on our larger DeskTeam360 packages and clients with really large websites that are prone to breaking a lot more often. 

I’m talking about a website management packages where we go into your site once a month…

So that....

Maintenance Packages


$ 25
  • For most people with a simple website


$ 50
  • Sites that use functionality like eCommerce, Courses, Memberships, other other elaborate plugins.


$ 100
  • For sites like DeskTeam360.com with all of that functionality and over 100 pages (not including blog posts) most people will not have a site like this, if you’re concerned then sign up for the $50/month one and if you need to upgrade we can have a conversation about it.