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  • "I'm going to teach _________."
    (Ex: funnel hackers; real estate investors; parents of kids with ADHD; people who want to lose weight; women who want to look younger, etc.)
  • "My audience really wants to __________."
    (Starts with a VERB) (Ex: create a 7-figure funnel; make a quick 10K this weekend by flipping houses on eBay; naturally destroy your kid's ADHD; reconnect with your wife; lose weight without exercising; enjoy a youthful appearance, etc.)
  • "The new opportunity we offer is __________."
    (Ex: marketing funnels; online house flipping; nutritional behavior therapy; marital reconnection; getting their bodies into a state of ketosis; apple stem cell therapy; etc.)
  • "The specific vehicle I offer is __________."
    (Ex: ClickFunnels; using my Cyber House Flipping System; understanding The ADHD Nutrition Solution that works in one weekend; discovering The Newlywed Code that reignites romance in 30 minutes; drinking Pruvit's ketones, which put the body into ketosis within 10 minutes; using apple stem cell therapy to stimulate new cell growth instead of covering up dead cells; etc.)