DeskTeam360 Was Able To Help Lemonade Legend Recover Hijacked Website From Previous Provider!


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The Background

My business, Lemonade Legend, is a platform for people to share their stories through media, publishing and video. I had my own ‘lemon story’ and I found it to be my passion to help others share theirs.

The Process

Before I started with DeskTeam360 I was in contact with Jeremy and when I lost my marketer I talked with Jeremmy and from there it was an eazy decision, and now I have been with DeskTeam360 scine July-August of 2021.

Even though DeskTeam360 works on one task at a time, I can give them 10 tasks so once they finish one they can move on to the next thing. Another amazing thing about DeskTeam360 is they work 24/7 and that is so helpful, I can wakeup the next morning, check my email and it will say task 5473 is done.

The Results

Before DeskTeam360 I had an individual who was very talented. But in the end, I trusted her to much, and I trusted in her ability. Then she ghosted me and I was just left my business with nobody to help me run it.

When I came to DeskTeam360 I was  in crisis mode. My marketer had started a task for me, but wasn’t finished with it. She had total control because she had put the website on her own hosting platform and she wasn’t being cooperative. So your team was trying to be as pleasant and nice as possible with somebody who wasn’t returning the same, to try to get certain things that she had complete control over. She held 10% back, and that 10% was critical, but the team figured a way around it.

If you’re on the fence, I would say, I have worked with a lot of different people, with a lot of different price points. What I’m see with DeskTeam360 is definitely value, based on what they charge and what they produce and what you get.

Lemonade Legend

“I Can Be Sure That I Will Get What I Need When I Need It!”

“DeskTeam360 Has Value With What They Charge And What You Get”