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What are our students saying about us? See for yourself…

Rob Skeels | Sales Agents

“Starting at The Quintin Group as an intern my sophomore year of college, I knew it was a work environment I wanted to be a part of. Since graduating two years later I joined the team where I learned the importance of goal setting and the process it takes to achieve such goals. Six months after being an Inside Sales Associate, learning the systems and being mentored by each and everyone on the team, I transitioned into an agent. The sales system and the willingness to teach me, lead me to take a listing as well as a full price offer and buyer under contract within my first week as an agent..”

Jennifer Haverly | Sales Agent

“Joining The Quintin Group has been a great business decision and strong strategic move for my career for personal growth in the Real Estate business. I am surrounded by the most efficient closers in the business and am able to truly focus on what matters most – making the money I want to make. With the best systems and administrative support backing me, I am continuing to grow as a salesperson on a daily basis. Closing more deals than ever, and ultimately making more money. My daily checklist of “to-dos” is streamlined so I can focus on what matters most. Motivating, uplifting, and competitive are three words I would use to describe the atmosphere here at The Quintin Group.”

David Bachman | Sales Agent

“When I first got licensed I started out as an Inside Sales Associate. Then after about 9 months, I became script certified and became a sales agent. In my first month I sold 4 homes! Then I realized I wanted to concentrate on sellers and listing property, so I became a listing agent. Today I average over 90 homes sold per year, within only 3 years in the business. The Quintin Group has taught and coached me on how to be most efficient, and to make the most money in the least amount of time. I have a clear career path ahead and looking forward to continued growth with this organization.”

Frank Levin | Sales Agent

“I first got in the real estate business primarily as a rental agent, with a dominant rental company. I realized I wanted more then to be a rental agent and wanted to sell. The opportunity came to me to join The Quintin Group. Jeff and his sales system has taught me the skills, mindset, and discipline to be one of the top agents in southern NJ. I have been with the team for now over 14 years, and have consistently sold over 50 homes per year, work 5 days a weeks, go on vacations and enjoy my weekends with my wife and 2 active boys.”

Shaunte Proctor | Sales Agent

“I am have been a Realtor for 17 years and I have experienced the ups and downs, the roller coaster ride of real estate. When I joined The Quintin Group last May, my whole life changed! I have consistency in my business. I am able to focus on what matters most: lead generation, going on appointments and closing deals ! ! In December alone I closed 6 transactions and generated 5 figures! Every month subsequent has been a consistent flow and I am able to take two days off a week. I am now able to live a life worth living. The coaching, administrative support and accountability has been a game changer for me!”

Niya Thompson | Sales Agent

“Anyone who wants to succeed in real estate as a full time agent, The Quintin Group is definitely where you need to be! It is no coincidence that this team is one of the best in the country. The Quintin Group Sales System puts a huge emphasis not only career development but our overall development as individuals. Jeff makes it his personal mission to ensure that all team members succeed . If you want to become a better person and a FANTASTIC agent, The Quintin Group is your best bet! I would especially recommend new agents to join the team to really kickstart your business!”

Jill Fluharty | Sales Agent

“Since joining The Quintin Group 1 year ago I have been able to more then double my production. The training, accountably and support has been instrumental in my growth. Using what I have learned as well as the support of this team I will triple my production in the coming year. This has allowed me to begin to live the life that I am designing for myself and my family as well as helping those around me.”