I Now Have A Peace Of Mind And Predictability Around Projects Getting Done. I Think Of DeskTeam360 As A Partner And Not Just A Vendor!

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The Background

Our business, Relish Studio, is based in Denver. We help people with digital marketing – specifically with relationship building, online presence, branding, and resource products and tools.

The Process

We started working with DeskTeam360 in summer of 2022. We heard good things about them when we joined The Duct Tape Marketing Network and felt like it was something that we needed to implement as soon as possible. Since then, we’ve been working with DeskTeam360 and making use of their services for many different things. 

We’ve had partner relationships before, but they were not as good as with DeskTeam360. The trust and expectations that we have with DeskTeam360 are always fulfilled. This allows us to focus more on what really demands our full attention, instead of doing other tasks that consume so much time and energy.

The Results

By working with DeskTeam360, our revenue went up by 10%-20% in 2023. This was due to the company’s quality service. In addition, we know that things are getting done and having that peace of mind is a huge benefit. Not only does it help us stay focused on the things that matter most, but it also gives us predictability when organizing our monthly expenses.

If you are thinking of using DeskTeam360, then give it a try. It will save you a lot of energy and help you maximize your work hours. You’ll be able to focus on what truly requires your time and delegate the tasks that you don’t have to do anymore.

Relish Studio

“We Freed Up So Much Time We Were Able To Create 2 New Products That Were Sitting On Our To Do List For Years”


“It’s Really Amazing What You Can Accomplish If You Commit To It, So Just Give It A Try!”