I Was Able To Eliminate Frustrations From Working With People Overseas To Being Able To Do More Quality Work

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The Background

I’m an SEO expert and I’ve run a digital marketing agency for seven years. I am located in North Dakota and am the founder of My Site Ranked, which educates marketers about SEO.

The Process

DeskTeam360 was highly recommended to me by The Duct Tape Marketing Network and it was an easy sell. I always trust the recommendations within The Duct Tape Network. And after seeing a few case studies, I decided to give it a shot.

I was impressed with all of the onboarding information and the great people in DeskTeam360. It is amazing to have two points of contact, because it just makes the communication a lot clearer and easier. Saving time by eliminating any unnecessary back and forth, as well as having a fast and reliable turnaround time… these are some of the things I love about working with DeskTeam360.

The Results

Utilizing Deskteam360, I was able to ease the frustrations of miscommunication and lengthy discussions that seem to go nowhere. I was also able to avoid disappointment, because DeskTeam360 sets the expectations upfront and fulfills that. 

If you are having a hard time working with people overseas, then let DeskTeam360 look after your marketing tasks. They have great people, processes, and products.

Michael Quinn

“I Am More Than Confident That I’m Getting My Money’s Worth And More Bang For My Buck.”


“So To Anybody On The Fence, Take A Chance!”