Monthly Website Maintenance Registration


Normally DeskTeam360 maintains your site every month at the first week of the month. You will receive an email and report about the condition of your site

The answer is yes. But another site will consume your ticket credit

Big “N” and big “O” – NO. This is of the part DeskTeam360 keep developing service that can help a business owner focus on their business instead of focusing their site

Yes just tell us what part is that funnels, shop, check my CRM connections, etc. But other requests will consume your ticket credit

The answer is YES. But it will consume your ticket credit

The answer is YES. Basically, our checklist can be applied to any website no matter the platform

More Questions? That's Okay. Feel free to contact us!

Term and Condition for Website Maintenance

  • This service only basic maintenance, other things that are not in the checklist you should request as a ticket
  • To achieve a good website condition and performance we need your role as the owner of the site. To give information we need ex. domain login info, 3rd part, etc
  • You give authority to DeskTeam360 to make changes on your site for maintenance purposes. Such update plugins, fix error, remove spam, add new plugins, etc

Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.

Jay Conrad Levison