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  • (Ex: done-for-you "Desktop Ad Wizard" software, Click Funnels, 7 Day Ebook, etc.)
  • Starts with a VERB
    "What you just bought will help you ____________."
    (Ex: drive more traffic and make more sales without hiring expensive copywriters or struggling to write the ads yourselft; create money-making funnels quickly and easily without an expensive webmaster; write and publish an outrageously profitable ebook fast)
  • Start with a VERB
    "This means you will be able to ____________."
    (Ex: get a lot more traffic and clicks to your website than ever before; set up money making pages a whole lot faster; get a lot more credibility as a published author and expert)
  • Ex: Instant Sales Video Scripts Wizard; Targeted Traffic Secrets, Kindle Book Formatting Wizard)
  • Starts with a VERB
    "This will help you ____________ a lot faster and easier."
    (Ex: create a really great video sales letter; drive a bunch of targeted website traffic to your new pages; format your books and get them ready to sell on Kindle)
  • Starts with a VERB
    "Which will enable you to ____________."
    (Ex: convert all those new visitors to your website into buyers; put a lot more people through your new sales funnels and make more sales; publish and sell a lot more books)
  • "This works like crazy because ____________."
    (Ex: the software automatically creates amazing, high converting, custom video sales letter scripts using an under-the-radar method we call "building blocks". We found 93% of all traffic tested doesn't work. This course focuses on the 7% of traffic that DOES work;; the software uses proprietary technology to format and organize your book for optimal results)
  • Starts with a VERB
    Completes phrase "This means you can ____________."
    (Ex: creating compelling, custom, high-converting video sales letters; drive all the targeted traffic you want anytime you want without wasting money; format as many books, reports and other documents and get them ready for Kindle)
  • (Ex: about 15 minutes; an afternoon; less than a week; less than a month; one training cycle; by the end of the class)
  • (Ex: $197; $497; $1997)
  • (Ex: $97; $197; $497)
  • Ex: Create over 24 unique totally customized video sales letters and scripts that sell like crazy with just a few mouse click; Use 7 Proven ways to Build, Borrow, and Buy Traffic no matter what you sell; just upload your manuscript, choose from many different proven layouts, and let the wizard handle the formatting and marketing so you can concentrate on what you do best, writing and creating content.
  • Ex: Use these proven video sales scripts with any video creation software - or hire someone on Fiverr to make your videos for you; How to legally STEAL your competitors traffic any time you want; automatically creates and formats your table of contents
  • Ex: Instantly output your video scripts in text files, actual PowerPoint (PPTX) files, and Word Doc (DOCX) files - Works on both PC or MAC; How to know exactly which ads will get you the most traffic without spending a dime to test; Makes adding and optimizing pictures and other graphics to your Kindle books a breeze
  • Ex: Just answer simple questions, click your mouse, and instantly produce customized, professional-level video scripts to sell anything!. Where to buy ads that 99.9% of your competitors have ZERO clue even exist!; Create money-making offer pages inside your book to drive traffic to your website and bulk sales of your book
  • Ex: Create powerful video sales letter scripts to sell your own products, clients' products, affiliate offers, and more!/ How to really use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to drive traffic; Create descriptions for your book using proven sales copy that virtually forces people to click the BUY button on Amazon
  • Ex: My entire suite of PowerPoint Training classes, including: "PowerPoint Hacks, Secrets and Shortcuts" AND "How to Create a Killer PowerPoint Presentation... in 60-Minutes Orf Less", How To Test Ads For Under $20 And Scale Up The Winners For Massive Traffic (With Very Little Risk); Kindle Cover Graphics Pack 1,000
  • (Ex: $197; $497; $1997)
  • Ex: 12 Custom PowerPoint themes - 36 variations - in both regular and widescreen format - that instantly polish up your video sales leeter with one mouse link; My Dirty Dozen Best Ad Templates; 30 Minute Cover Consultation and Planning Session
  • (Ex: $197; $497; $1997)
  • Ex: "Enterprise" License: create video sales letters and scripts for other people and charge them!; Google AdWords Friendly Landing Page - how to keep from ever getting Google Slapped!; Email Blast To My List - I'll tell my list of 100,000 subscribers about your book!
  • (Ex: $197; $497; $1997)
  • (Optional but highly recommended)
  • (Optional but highly recommended)
  • (Optional but highly recommended)