DeskTeam360 Website Accessibility Tool


$490.00 / year


DeskTeam360 Website Accessibility Tool automatically ensures that your Website is ADA Compliant so you can avoid demand letters from law offices that will cost you thousands of dollars.


DeskTeam360 Website Accessibility Tool

Website owners are receiving letters in the mail from lawyers saying that their website violated ADA compliance because it was not accessible to individuals with disabilities.

For example, websites that are not accessible to someone who is visually impaired cannot read the website, so their software needs to be able to read it to them. Their software doesn’t work well for websites that are not built for accessibility.

There are other disabilities as well that I unfortunately never thought of like people prone to seizures or people with ADHD.

The precedence said a website owner is responsible for people with disabilities to be able to access this website because a website is public.

So now predatory lawyers are jumping on the bandwagon to make some easy cash.

There is no way around these demand letters. You have to pay them what they want or you’ll pay more money trying to fight it in court, paying for your legal fees, the plaintiff’s legal fees, and the retribution (which is more than what they originally asked for).

Some people are getting hit with a letter demanding $2,000 all the way up to $8,000 to make it go away.

The solution is you need to make sure every single one of your picture file names follows the ADA criteria so that when a visually impaired individual uses their software it can read your site properly.

It also needs references and documentation of a site being ADA compliant, along with the tools to allow everyone to use your site regardless of their disability.

So that when a lawyer looks at your site they can easily see that your site is ADA compliant and move on saving you the headache of a potential lawsuit and saving you thousands of dollars to pay off the law firm.

If you’d like us to handle this for you we can get everything set up on your site for $490. This is a yearly cost associated with the tool that makes your site accessible to individuals with disabilities, and avoids the cost and frustration of a possible lawsuit.

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