Saved 10 Hours A Week | Saved Thousands Of Dollars A Month | Increased Donations

The Background

They are a non-profit that is committed to ending child abuse and neglect.

“Before DeskTeam360 I would have to assign different staff members to different areas to oversee different parts of the site. Because our site is so large and our staff members are not web or tech people it would take a lot of time to work on and oversee, and it took a lot of time away from the important things we were working on.

We’d be googling how to do certain things on the site because again none of us were super experienced in this and while google can get you far enough it’s not an amazing site that we were happy to share out to the world.

Our website is the main way of telling people what we do, so it’s really important to invest to make it professional and user-friendly for people who visit it.”

The Process has been a member of DeskTeam360 sInce March 2021.

“Our blog page was not great, the content was great, but it wasn’t super user friendly so I wanted to revamp it and standardize it, and the team came back and said, hey if you do this it would be great and you wouldn’t be creating a new page every time and you’d have these posts and you would have graphic images instead of just text. I said that looks great, let’s go for it and your team was able to do it, and once I approved it, it was finished in a day and a half.

Now it looks great and professional and people actually comment now about how great it looks.

Your team doesn’t just do exactly what we tell them, I’ll say can you make this look better and DeskTeam360 comes back with lots of ideas and examples.

We are in the process of redoing all the pages on the site to take it to the next level to make sure the users have a good experience and stay longer on the site.

We were looking at other companies with a similar service it wasn’t as personal. I didn’t feel if I sent something in and it wasn’t quite right that the people there were going to care in a real way.

The thing that really clicked and made us want to work with you as I was referred to you, and then talking with Cher I could tell that you guys really care about what you do, and that really helped to build the trust.

The time you guys took to learn about our organization and to let us know if we do something and I didn’t like it to let us know and we’ll adjust it. You really just took the time to learn about us and what we like and what we don’t like.

As an example, because we work on children’s issues we had to say that we only want pictures of happy children and we only had to say that once so that was really nice.

In all honesty, I never asked for the home page to be redesigned, your team came to me and said hey we think your site could look better, here’s a couple of design options what do you think. I looked at it and I was amazed, wow it has all the elements we want to showcase but it looks way better and sleeker, and showed off even better the work that we are doing.

I had no idea how good it could look and was like, what have we been doing all this time.

Before we were like pulling out our hair trying to get these website and technical things to work and after DeskTeam360 it felt like we were sitting on a beach drinking cocktails and all worries are gone, it’s off our plate, you just have that much more time to go enjoy yourself. That is the feeling for myself and my staff.”


The Results

“We have our site updated and looking fresh and professional.

We have DeskTeam360 create every new page and blog post as content is created. You guys really make it look good and professional so our staff can focus on content creation.

Over a year’s time, you guys are saving us a month’s worth of time.

I was spending about 10 hours a week and now I don’t do that. I approve things and I send it in to your team and it just gets done.

It’s pretty amazing, one more thing off our plate that she doesn’t have to worry about.

All of our staff are feeling this way.

You are saving us thousands of dollars. With the time we save she can do more fundraising to make even more money.

Eliminating the frustration of not being able to get things to look the way we wanted.

With DeskTeam360 I’m able to just give them a picture of what I want things to look like and they just bring it to life. I’m able to say I want it to look this kind of way and they just do it. I don’t have to finagle little things on the site to try and get it to work the way I want.

Things that I don’t even know if it is possible on a site, and I’m able to ask your team and they know how to do it which has been so great.

The first small win was to set a reminder to send you guys this one thing each week and just have it get done, just saves so much time, and don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it and just take it off their plate.

And as a supervisor, you really want to support your staff and give them the resources and time to do what they need to do. And this felt like me being able to say hey team I hear you, you need more time, and here’s a system that will do that for you.

My team has done nothing but rave about DeskTeam360, they say everyone has been really great to work with, that they love that they can just send in the ticket and it just gets done and they don’t have to worry about it, they really love the DeskTeam360 system.

The biggest win is the fact that we can work on projects that we never would have had the time for. I can go to the team and say I want this part of our site to work better, and I have no idea what that would look like, but your team does.

This is going to elevate our public view to the next level.

You guys really take pride in your work and want to be an excellent product.”

Child | Jillian Ruck

“Give Deskteam360 Shot, You’ll Be Pleasantly Suprised. It’s Not That Pricey. You Will Not Be Disappointed”

Saved 10 Hours A Week | Saved Thousands Of Dollars A Month | Increased Donations