With The Help Of DeskTeam360, Charisma Ink. Is Saving $20,000 A Month Without The Stress Or Hassle Of The Hiring Process!

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The Background

I started my business, Charisma Ink., ten years ago. Our agency combines PR, digital marketing, ghostwriting, book publishing, and influencer marketing in the accounting and fintech industries.

The Process

I first found DeskTeam360 through one of Jeremy’s posts. I was looking to scale things up. But the biggest reason I pulled the trigger was DeskTeam360’s experience with Infusionsoft/Keap. So now we’ve been with DeskTeam360 for almost a year.

We use DeskTeam360 for a lot of things. We use them for a lot of the design work we do. We’ve had the team do a lot of the filing on Amazon for book publishing. Also, having the Project Manager keep track of your projects and ensure they are getting done is amazing.

The Results

Before I started using DeskTeam360, I had a series of contractors, but now having a lot of what is needed all in one place is amazing. With DeskTeam360, I now have the confidence to say, “I can take that on.” Before, I was worried about like, ‘Are they going to be able to deliver it? Or are they going on vacation?’ with DeskTeam360, I don’t have to worry about that. DeskTeam360 has saved me the stress of hiring or contracting; with them, I have saved at least 20 grand a month.

If you’re looking for a source of contractors in any digital marketing or design capacity, just try it out, like try out one task. You will be addicted.

Charisma Ink.

“I Don’t Have To Worry About If They Are Working On My Tasks Or Not Because I Know They Are.”

“Try It, And You Will Be Addicted!”